‘It’s so much work’ – Instagram star paid to travel the world shares harsh reality behind ‘dream’ job

Ten years ago, Instagram stars and influencers didn’t exist. Now, in 2017, these are a viable and potential lucrative career moves.

While the majority of us struggle to get double-figure likes on badly-executed photos of our unappetising lunch, some users are travelling the world , living their best lives earning money to do so.

But as the saying goes, “before you judge another man (or woman), walk a mile in their shoes” – because apparently being a big presence on Instagram is NOT all it’s cracked up to be.

Travel photographer Nicola Easterby may be the sort of Instagram star who makes you gnash your teeth in envy, but she’s revealed the harsh reality behind the filters.

Nicola has 250,000 followers after travelling through 46 countries across five continents in just three years.

How she did it

Finding herself tuck in a rut in university, Nicola, from Brisbane, decided to try something very different from her studies, a path she describes to news.com.au as “paved with unpredictability and instability.”

“It was the scariest and best decision I have ever made.”

Some sacrifices needed to be made first, though.

Nicola moved back in with her parents to save money, and spent the first two years of her travels working casual jobs, including wedding and event photography – and maintaining a tight budget.

“You have to put in the hard work to begin with. It was two years of travelling before anything happened for me.

“That’s the key, you need time to save up, to build your content and to take your trips before anything is going to happen.”

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