J KPI Dashboard

J KPI Dashboard is a data visualization component for Joomla. Using the morris.js library, this component renders beautiful time series charts. Using Google charts API, this component can render data in a beautiful sortable table. The component’s intuitive and innovative back-end interface makes it easy for you to enter data without the need for sql or data formatting code. To prevent loss of work, the component allows the user to set auto saving of data; data can be saved without reloading the record entry page.



New/Edit Item Interface

You can manually enter data with ease through a table like interface without any need for sql or formatted data code
Joomla KPI Dashboard Component for Time Series Data Visualization

Joomla KPI Dashboard Time Series Data Chart Add A Column

Easily and intuitively add or delete columns and rows to your data set without any need for sql or data formatting coding

J KPI Dashboard time series data visualization


Joomla KPI Dashboard Time Series Data Entry Add Row


Joomla KPI Dashboard Timeseries Data Entry Delete Row


You can set “Auto Save Frequency” for the data in your table to be saved every X minutes


Jooma KPI Dashboard Component Timeseries Data Entry Auto Save


Save data in your table without reloading the whole page


Joomla KPI Dashboard Timeseries Data Entry Saving Data 


When you are entering data, a date picker will pop up when you are entering dates to help you enter the correct date format


Joomla KPI Dashboard Component Data Entry Date Format


Menu Item Configuration Panel


The menu item configuration panel for this component was developed with the user in mind. This innovative menu item configuration panels dynamically loads whatever number of columns you have in your set of data. Furthermore, a color picker pops up to help you choose a color for each of your data's plot-lines. Another innovative feature, is the capability for you to add events and goals to your chart. You can add as many events as you want (i.e. dates in which a vertical line is drawn), and you may delete these with a click. The same capability with goals; you may add as many goals (i.e. a horizontal line that remarks a level of threshold) as you want, and delete these with a click.

We have included the tiny MCE WYSWYG editor in the menu item configuration panel to let you enter a description to your chart which you to edit with ease.

There are other configuration options you can set to meet your needs.

Joomla KPI Dashboard Timeseries Configuration Menu Item


 Joomla J KPI Dashboard Component Front End Timeseries