5 Greek food blogs you should follow

Fortunately we’ve got the perfect thing to tide you over until then — a selection of food blogs and vlogs that’ll keep your mouth watering, and possibly even inspire you to try a recipe or two. Here are five Greek food gurus you should be following right now. Diane Kochilas Greek food expert Diane Kochilas […]

Best Beer Cities in America for Your Bucket List

Looking for a city that quenches your thirst for a tantalizing beer? Check out these top three cities in the US that no beer enthusiast should ever miss! #1: Portland, OR The facts: For beer nerds, this ‘beervanna’ cannot be missed. Portland currently checks in with an impressive 66 breweries, making it officially the city with […]

6 Travel Related Icebreakers for Business Meetings

We’ve all had those awkward business meetings. You’ve traveled across the country for a sales pitches or networking gathering and sit in a large room with a dozen other unfamiliar faces. Especially if you’re the meeting organizer, initiating some icebreakers to relieve the anxiety can be the difference in producing a successful trip. To break the ice at a sales pitch or […]

10 Things to do on a Long Flight

Long flights can be dreadful. Especially when Wi-Fi is down or the in-flight movies are less than appealing. You can always read a book, listen to music, or sleep, but for long flights, those three things can get old fast. Below are 10 productive things (well, except for number nine) you can do on a flight. 1. […]


Thanks to a few high-profile terrorist attacks and riots across Europe and ongoing media coverage of things that are only ever bad, I’ve gotten a number of emails asking me if Europe is safe to visit. The questions are always the same: “Is the likelihood of a terrorist attack high? What about the refugees? Are […]

9 things all vegans who travel know to be true

Whether opting for a simple city break or an exotic retreat, vegans who travel take their convictions with them. And there’s plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while championing animal welfare. Here are nine things that all vegan travellers will know. 1. Holiday prep doesn’t include fish pedicures Vegans want their toes to look good […]

The Best Cities for Business, Travel and Life

New York is the most popular city worldwide, as per the recently released 2017 Ipsos Top Cities Index, but for Indians it comes fifth in the list of their favorite cities they’d like to live in. The Ipsos study covered people in 26 countries. They were asked which, from a list of 60 global cities, […]