American Airline passengers want Hamilton tickets as compensation for 24-hour flight delay

Pizza makes everybody happy, right? In order to pacify almost 300 passengers during their two unscheduled diversions, American Airlines fed everybody a slice of pizza. After flight crew aboard an American Airlines flight from Milan to Miami on Saturday noticed a crack in the windshield, they made an emergency diversion to Stephenville Airport in Newfoundland, Canada. While the […]

50 reasons London is the world’s greatest city

With apologies to Elvis Presley, 14 million London fans can’t be wrong. That’s how many out of towners hit the British capital during the first nine months of 2016. London is a global leader in banking and financial services, so the city of 8.7 million residents attracts a steady stream of business travelers. With 43 […]

The Village by the Sea: The tiny village of Tai O in Hong Kong still clings to its ties with the ocean

Away from the frenzy of Kowloon and Central, Lantau Island is where Hong Kong takes a breath and slows its pace. Tightly packed lanes and towering high-rises gradually give way to forest-covered mountains and coastal vistas. On Lantau’s western coast sits a tiny stretch of land that smells of the sea and mines it for […]

The best hotels in Venice from luxury to budget

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to hotels in Venice. The city has so many of them that in 2017, authorities mooted a ban on opening any more within the center of town. But not all Venice hotels are created equal — especially since the traditional (read: outré) Venetian style can be rather OTT […]

5 Greek food blogs you should follow

Fortunately we’ve got the perfect thing to tide you over until then — a selection of food blogs and vlogs that’ll keep your mouth watering, and possibly even inspire you to try a recipe or two. Here are five Greek food gurus you should be following right now. Diane Kochilas Greek food expert Diane Kochilas […]

Best Beer Cities in America for Your Bucket List

Looking for a city that quenches your thirst for a tantalizing beer? Check out these top three cities in the US that no beer enthusiast should ever miss! #1: Portland, OR The facts: For beer nerds, this ‘beervanna’ cannot be missed. Portland currently checks in with an impressive 66 breweries, making it officially the city with […]