Samsung Electronics unveils new leadership line-up

Samsung Electronics has named its new leadership team following the resignation of CEO Kwon Oh-hyun. Three executives have been promoted to joint chief executives of the firm as part of the management overhaul. The shake-up came hours after the firm reported quarterly profits had nearly tripled from a year ago. Net profit rose to 11.2 […]

North Korea calls UK WannaCry accusations ‘wicked’

North Korea has hit back at the UK government for accusing it of being behind a massive ransomware attack that badly affected the National Health Service (NHS). A UK government minister last week told the BBC he was “as sure as possible” North Korea was behind the attack. But a North Korean spokesman called the […]

Malaysian data breach sees 46 million phone numbers leaked

A massive data breach has seen the customer data of more than 46 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia leaked on to the dark web. The leaked information includes mobile numbers, unique phone serial numbers, as well as home addresses. Personal information from multiple Malaysian public sector and commercial websites was also stolen. The Malaysian Communications […]

Game studio CCP scales back virtual reality development

Developer CCP Games has significantly cut the time and money it is investing in virtual-reality based games. The Iceland-based studio is best known for sci-fi title Eve Online but has also created several VR-centred games. Spaceship dog-fighting simulator Eve Valkyrie helped launch the Oculus Rift headset and CCP also made the Sparc VR ball-tossing game […]

Airbnb customer allegedly murdered in Melbourne

A man has allegedly been murdered while staying in an Airbnb-listed property in Melbourne, Australia. Ramis Jonuzi, 36, had rented a room in the house in Brighton East, Melbourne, paying less than A$30 (£18) a night. As he was trying to leave the property after a week on Wednesday 25 October, he was allegedly attacked […]

Robot bears are coming for your grandparents

Not content to simply blame millennials for killing practically everything, baby boomers are now expecting the younger generations to care for them in their agedness. The nerve. Indeed, some 13 percent of the American population is now 65 or older, though a recent report from the Pew Research Center suggests that figure will nearly double by midcentury. Given […]

MIT researchers use drone fleets to track warehouse inventory

Imagine a warehouse buzzing with tiny drones that automatically track and monitor inventory from afar, leaving workers free to manage and move material. That’s the new system developed by MIT researchers, which could prevent mismatches and help employees find particular items faster on top of looking really cool with a bunch of worker drones zipping around. Most […]

Numworks graphing calculator is made for students raised on tech

Like textbooks, graphing calculators are still a necessary (and expensive) accessory for math and science students in high school and college. Sure, there are calculator apps for tablets and smartphones, but those are often banned for tests because they could let you cheat online. So, many students have to buy them, and the dominant models from Texas Instruments and Casio can […]