Rare blue ice stacks ‘as high as a three-story building’ form along Michigan’s Great Lakes

In the middle of her work shift Sunday morning, Tori Burley received a text message from her father that gave her a tingle of excitement: “The blue ice is back!” It had been seven years since Burley, a photographer who grew up in Mackinaw City, Michigan, spotted blue ice chunks along the Straits of Mackinac, the waterway that flows […]

Chimpanzees among 33 species selected for special protection

Image captionSpecies like chimpanzees are seeing large reductions in numbers A UN-backed wildlife conference held in the Philippines has voted for additional protections for a list of 33 endangered species including chimpanzees, leopards and giraffes. Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, were also included on the list. The six-day long Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) […]

Professor Stephen Hawking’s PhD viewed two million times

Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis was accessed more than two million times within days of it being made available to the public, it has been revealed. Prof Hawking’s 1966 work proved so popular on the day of its release it crashed the publications section of Cambridge University’s website. More than 500,000 people have also tried to download the […]

Cod and haddock ‘may vanish’ from Scotland’s west coast

Cod, herring and haddock could migrate away from Scotland’s west coast waters because of warming sea temperatures, according to researchers. Scientists at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (Sams) predict the cold water species will vanish from the west coast by the year 2100. The researchers suggest the fish are already nearing “edge of their […]

A pint of view: What do farmers think about Brexit?

No-one knows what’s around the corner for the dairy industry. Specific negotiations over a future trade deal haven’t even started. Some experts predict oblivion; others see opportunity. So let’s start with what we do know: the state of the industry 20 years ago, and what it’s like today. Image captionCurrently the EU is UK dairy’s […]

UK’s Halley Antarctic base set for second closure

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will once again close its Halley station at the end of the coming Southern Hemisphere summer. The base sits on the floating Brunt Ice Shelf, which is currently being incised by two large developing cracks. BAS withdrew its staff from Halley this past winter because of uncertainty over how these […]

The man who keeps venomous monsters

What is the most terrifying creature in the darkest corner of your imagination? I tell you now, it may have to go some to beat this beast. It’s a disgusting worm-like organism that grabs you with four metal-reinforced jaws. Once latched in place, these lances inject you with a paralysing venom that also liquefies your […]