The most effective method to License Your Music

Music is a major piece of human advancement. Hundreds of years had passed yet music survived and even developed to more prominent statures each and every decade. Actually, the request of music has been rising relentlessly in the previous 10 years and it will proceed with that path within a reasonable time-frame. It joins the […]

To Fit Into Silicon Valley, Wear These Wool Shoes

SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley goes through its own unique shoe crazes. There were Vibrams. There were Crocs. Now comes the Allbird, a knit wool loafer. In uncomfortable times, Silicon Valley has turned to a comfortable shoe. If there’s a venture capitalist nearby, there’s probably a pair of Allbirds, too. The Google co-founder Larry Page wears Allbirds, according […]

Asheville Wellness Tours offer healthy lifestyle experiences

When Erin Reilly wanted to make her best friend’s bachelorette trip to Asheville a perfect experience, she looked for a unique way to tour the city. Asheville Wellness Tours offered the best way to experience the holistic side of Asheville, mixed with history and local shopping, she says. “I thought it would be a great way to explore downtown Asheville and […]

Lifestyle, not medicine, is key to good health

A new book outlines a 21-day lifestyle plan based on the example of Pioppi, an Italian village known for healthy living As London prepared for the Olympics back in 2012, politicians and public policy figures expressed hope that the momentum of the Games would help spur interest in sports and health across communities. However, some […]

You Got a New Job! 7 Things to Do on Your First Day

You survived your job search and got a shiny new job — now what? Between the stress of preparing for interviews, answering tough curveball questions and having to “sell” your story, landing your dream job is no easy feat. Give yourself a high five, a pat on the back, a hug even! The hard part is […]