We Need The Internet Now More Than Ever, But Time Is Running Out To Save It

At midnight on Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shut its doors to public comment on the agency’s latest plan to gut net neutrality ― the basic guiding principle that makes the internet awesome, and prevents internet providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T from charging extra fees, slowing access to websites and apps, or outright blocking online […]

Facebook has mapped populations in 23 countries as it explores satellites to expand internet

Facebook has mapped the entire human population of earth as it prepares to build an internet in space  23 Hours Ago | 01:02 Facebook doesn’t only know what its 2 billion users “Like.” It now knows where millions of humans live, everywhere on Earth, to within 15 feet. The company has created a data map of the […]

Wife ‘cut off husband’s penis and flushed it down the loo because he spent too much time on the golf course’

A wife allegedly cut off her husband’s penis because he spent too much time playing golf. She is said to have attacked the 50-year-old with a kitchen knife as he slept before flushing his manhood down their loo. Stunned neighbours told cops the couple appeared to have a good relationship. But the wife, 54 – […]

‘It’s so much work’ – Instagram star paid to travel the world shares harsh reality behind ‘dream’ job

Ten years ago, Instagram stars and influencers didn’t exist. Now, in 2017, these are a viable and potential lucrative career moves. While the majority of us struggle to get double-figure likes on badly-executed photos of our unappetising lunch, some users are travelling the world , living their best lives earning money to do so. But as the […]

Woman’s horror as ‘dust ball’ in her room turns out to be giant mum spider – and all her hatched babies

We’ve heard all the chilling reports and seen the blood-curdling photos – the giant sex-crazed spider invasion has begun. While some accounts of these eight-legged invaders being the size of cats and dinner plates are, perhaps, slightly exaggerated, one woman’s story will fill you with horror. Make-up and special effects student Lydia was in the process of […]

National Internet Finance Association of China Issues ICO Warning to Members

The self-regulatory group National Internet Finance Association of China has warned its members about the dangers in participating in initial coin offerings (ICO). The group claimed that ICOs could be using misleading information as part of fundraising campaigns. In a statement in late August 2017, the online finance organization further warned its member companies to exercise extreme […]

Meg Whitman Leaves HP Board, Chip Bergh Named Chairman

Meg Whitman stepped down as chairman and left the board of HP Inc., further distancing her corporate-computing company from the PC and printer businesses it split off in 2015. Whitman, who is chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., has served as chairman of HP Inc. since the two companies were formed in the breakup of one […]

Does Your eCommerce Website pass the Ten-Point Usability Test?

Whether you want to sell niche products to a particular consumer, engage the masses with a range that undercuts the competition or get people to sign up for your services, you need an eCommerce site that is first and foremost, useable. Sounds obvious, but with consumer shopping preferences and the capacity of various technologies that […]