BBC iPlayer streams sport in 4K HDR for first time

The BBC has broadcast a live event in 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) colour for the first time. Its iPlayer service streamed a full rugby match on Sunday, which was made available to the public but not promoted in advance. BT began screening live sport in 4K in 2015, and Sky followed a year […]

Canada developing quantum radar to detect stealth aircraft

Canada has invested $2.7m (£1.93m) into developing quantum radar – a new technology that would greatly improve the detection of stealth aircraft. The technology is being developed by the University of Waterloo to replace existing Arctic radar stations. Quantum radar can theoretically detect objects with a greater level of accuracy than conventional radar. It makes […]

How accurate is the murder rate in Miss Fisher’s Melbourne?

One of Australia’s most popular TV shows, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, is set in 1920s Melbourne against a backdrop of jazz clubs, communist plots, alleyways and fabulous outfits. Its protagonist, private detective Phryne Fisher, has a knack for finding herself embroiled in murder cases week after week. Armed with a quick wit and “modern” outlook, […]

North and South Korea: The petty side of diplomacy

North and South Korea are preparing for their first summit in just over a decade. After years of frosty relations and belligerent rhetoric, this is being hailed as a rare and hopeful moment by South Korean politicians. As a peace treaty was never signed after the end of the Korean War in 1953, the neighbours […]

Fifa secretary general reported to ethics chiefs over World Cup bid

One of Fifa’s most senior executives, Fatma Samoura, has been reported to the organisation’s powerful ethics committee. Samoura, who was appointed secretary general of football’s world governing body by its president Gianni Infantino in 2016, is accused of alleged breaches of its ethics code relating to “duty of disclosure, co-operation and reporting” and “conflicts of […]

Nicaragua riots: Police free detained students and lecturers

Nicaraguan police have released dozens of students and lecturers arrested in protests triggered by planned changes to the social security system. Some students said they had been beaten and tortured by police while in custody. The claims could not be independently verified. Images on social media showed some, visibly distressed and with their heads shaved, […]

Germany’s Jews urged not to wear kippahs after attacks

The leader of Germany’s Jewish community has advised Jews to avoid wearing traditional skullcaps (kippahs) following anti-Semitic attacks. Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told Berlin public radio that Jews should exercise caution in big cities. His comments come ahead of a “Berlin Wears Kippah” solidarity march in the […]

Jacqueline Wilson calls for books industry plastics ban

Dame Jacqueline Wilson and Chris Riddell are among 50 writers and illustrators calling for the book industry to ditch plastic. Authors4Oceans wants publishers, bookshops and readers to find eco alternatives to plastic bags, straws, bottles and single-use cutlery. Author Lauren St John came up with the idea when she bought a drink in a bookshop […]