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Web Design With The Small Business In Mind

Do you need a website that looks professional? 

Do you need a website that increases your chances of placement in the top results of search engines?

Do you need a website that you can grow cost effectively?

We are committed to helping small businesses build effective websites. We handle every aspect of website creation, while giving you complete control over content.

We specialize in the structure and design of websites. We follow a successful, tested methodology that covers each of the fundamental aspects of outstanding websites.

From the foundation to the look of your website, we make intelligent decisions to help you achieve your objectives in a cost-effective way.

Web Design Alternatives

The goals for your website and your budget will determine the type of web design we recommend.

  • If you a have a small budget and don’t require a unique web design, we’ll suggest the use of a third party pre-built template. You don't have to compromise the professional look of your website.
  • We are receptive, creative, and eclectic. If you need a design that clearly reflects your brand, we have the skills to create a distinctive look for your website.

Whether you choose a third party pre-built template or a unique web design, we’ll work with you to create a website that projects a professional image for your business.

The Websites We Build Amplify Your Off-page Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Efforts

We build search engine-friendly websites, and we practice up-to-date search engine guidelines. This means that we equip you and your website to clearly signal the subject matter of your site throughout the Internet. This signal makes it easier for search engines to associate your products and services to related searches from potential customers.

If your marketing strategy includes to grow your market share through search engine generated traffic, or what is often called inbound marketing, you can rest assured that your website will be supplemented with the latest optimization techniques.

Overall, the website we build for you will respond far better to off-page SEO and online marketing tactics than a generic website would.

We Determine Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases

In order to optimize your website for the searches that matter, we’ll research the words and phrases that are most often used to find your products and services through the major search engines. Then, we’ll discuss our findings with you to improve our selection and to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.

We Use Established Open Source Platforms

Whether your website is small or large, you’ll want to grow your website over time. And having a scalable platform will prevent you from having to start over when the time for performance improvement comes around.

Using non-proprietary open source platforms offers affordable options and multiple benefits without sacrificing quality:

  • No yearly or monthly fees for the continued use and update of a website's platform
  • Established open source platforms have a large pool of users, which enables you to choose independence from us without threatening the growth of your website. In other words, if at some point you need to hire someone else to help manage and grow your website, you can expect to find knowledgeable professionals at competitive rates
  • Established platforms have a large number of pre-built applications. In many instances we can extend your website for less money than if we had to develop an application from scratch. Examples of pre-built applications are: self-managed live help, live social media feeds, image sliders, user communities, integrated newsletters, and more

We Enable You to Quantify Results

Monitoring the activity of your website is a vital step in the improvement of your website’s performance. This is why we equip all websites with an easy to view, easy to understand free monitoring tool. This tool will let you see geographical information about website visitors; the trail of web pages viewed by a visitor and the referral source (i.e. a search engine, another website, etc.). In many cases, we can also show the specific query the user searched for when your website was listed as a relevant result.

We Are the Team to Help Build Your Business Website

We are a small business too, and we know the positive impact that working with a proactive and responsible team can have on you and your business. If you want to build a website that is a valuable asset for you and your business for years to come, our team will be with you.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”--Peter Drucker.

We do both!

Call us now for an initial conversation regarding your website project (310) 899-3967, or contact us here:

We’re happy to answer your questions

Every website we build includes

  • cross browser compatible web design
  • research of relevant keywords for your product and/or service
  • search engine optimized website (on page seo)
  • an integrated analytics tool that let's you monitor important details about website visitors
  • 1 year hosting
  • $100 credit to advertise with Google
  • 1 year of maintenance: security updates and biweekly backup
  • social media feed integration (twitter, facebook)

Cross browser compatible web design: you can expect to see the same design when you load your website using most popular browsers. The web design of your site will be compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 through 9, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers. In cases where it is excruciatingly difficult to achieve the desired look, we will implement a style for that browser version that blends well with the rest of the theme. You will be made aware of this.

Cross browser compatible small business web design: Chrome icon by morcha.netCross browser compatible small business web design: Firefox icon by morcha.netCross browser compatible small business web design: Internet Explorer icon by morchaCross browser compatible small business web design: Safari icon by morcha.netCross browser compatible small business web design: opera icon by

Research of relevant keywords for your product or service: before we begin to build your website, we will research what keywords and phrases are relevant for your product or service. Once we have this list, we will discuss these keywords and phrases with you to get your opinion about our findings. With you, we will decide which keywords and search phrases to focus on as we develop your website.

On page search engine optimization, seo: as we build your website, we will implement guidelines established by major search engine organizations, and we will use the keywords and phrases that we determined relevant to your products and services.

Integrated website traffic monitoring tool: all website packages include an analytics platform that let's you view important details about website visitors. The data compiled by this platform, can help us infer the success of your online marketing, the impact of the copyright in the various pages of your website, and some demographic details about visitors to your website.

1 year hosting: we would host your website with the same hosting provider we use. The year of free hosting would begin the official date of deployment and end a year from this date.

$100 credit to advertise with Google: this AdWords advertising credit is issued by Google. Google restricts the use of this credits to new account holders, or to accounts that have been opened for no more than 15 days.

1 year maintenance: all of the platforms we use issue updates after a security threat has been identified. We will update within two weeks from this announcement. Unless your website requires more frequent backups, we will perform a biweekly backup. At any time, we will have the last four copies of your website.

Social media feed integration: we can integrate your twitter or facebook account feed. This feed would be a live feed (ajax), and update itself without the need to reload the web page.

When we work with you:

We first have a preliminary conversation about your project

We asses your project to determine if we are a good match

If we are a good match, we submit an estimate

If you hire our services, you pay half the estimated cost up front

We work with you to clearly define the objectives of your website (project):

  • you show us websites that you like
  • you talk to us in detail about your products and services
    • you tell us who is likely to look for your products and services
    • you tell us how your products and services benefit consumers

We research how your products and services are currently being marketed through the internet:

  • how internet users search for your products and service
  • who are the leading market participants for this product and service
  • To gain insight and draft a website structure that fits your industry and target market, we'll research the websites of leading industry competitors to determine important common characteristics, layout, look and feel of website. We do this to implement a site structure that facilitates intuitive use and navigation for your target audience.

We draft a strategy that highlights:

  • what we think will be our greatest challenges
  • what we think are your greatest assets
  • what aspect of the website we think we should focus on
  • we propose a structure for the website
  • we propose deadlines for the various phases of the project
  • depending on your level of involvement, we designate responsibilities (for example, if you will provide content for your website, we inventory what you will provide to us and set a deadline, etc.)

Depending on what we planned, we either present you a series of pre built templates or three original conceptual designs.

If we use pre built templates, we discuss any limitations of the template you liked. For example, if the template you chose is not a fluid web design, or does not include the styling of forms or other elements, we clarify our need to work on these. 

If you need a unique and original design, we present you three conceptual designs that embody what we have distilled from our conversations, research, brainstorming and strategizing.

You pick the design that is most appealing to you, and you indicate any changes that you would like.

We present you a second draft of the design you originally chose. Then, you indicate any further changes you deem necessary. The changes that you request, are bound to follow the theme of the design you chose in the first round of the selection phase

You hand us any material we may have scheduled for you to contribute to your project

We wrap up the website, and present it to you

You are given a period of three days to review the website:

  • We will provide support for any online payment, or functionality problems that occur within 90 days. This support, doesn't include design changes, or the implementation of additional elements or applications to the site. 

We discuss any final adjustments that need to be made

We make final adjustments to your website

We publish your website

We show you how you can monitor the traffic to your website with tools we have integrated into your website

Unless otherwise stated, we perform biweekly backups for a year after we publish your website

We perform updates whenever we are notified of security vulnerabilities for the platform of your website

If we are monitoring your website, every quarter, we write our observations and make suggestions based on the traffic data compiled by monitoring tools

If our services include training you, or a member of your organization, to enter content into your website, we'll schedule this training according to the strategy we drew for your project; this may be before or after we publish your website.

Our values

In our role as a service providers, we are committed to fairness, honesty, and excellence.

Our experience has led us to choose these principles as guidelines for our interaction with clients and potential clients.

We define fairness to be an equal consideration of the priorities of all individuals involved in the development of a project.

We define honesty as the open, transparent and proactive communication with our clients regarding everything that pertains to their project.

We define excellence as the continuous strive to implement best practices in our services, development of products, project management, and relationship building based on guidelines published by the leading organizations of our industry, and the industry of business management.

We have chosen these guiding principles out of our need for an environment where we can exchange our skills with joy.

We love what we do, and we know that an environment of trust is conducive to professional interaction characterized by quality, effectiveness, discovery, and many other nourishing results. We also recognize, that a predatory environment inhibits honest communication, forthcoming sharing of insights, and the desire of individuals to team up for the accomplishment of any objective.

We believe that if we limit ourselves to dealings characterized by fairness and honesty, we contribute to a healthy economy, healthy industry, and a culture of interdependence.

We limit our involvement to projects lead by individuals who:

  • are willing to communicate extensively about the objectives they want to achieve
  • are willing to set clear expectations from our services
  • are willing to pay fair price for our labor and expertise
  • are willing to negotiate deadlines that are reasonable given the size and objectives of their project

We enact excellence by:

  • communicating proactively about the challenges in relation to our client's objectives
  • communicating candidly about our practices, products, and being transparent with the client about third party products and services used the concerning project
  • educating our clients, or not, depending on their chosen level of involvement. For example, if a client wants to be heavily involved in the management of his project, we are glad to educate. If a client wants to delegate a project to us, and needs us to limit to reporting results, we can do this too. 
  • implementing guidelines established by leading organizations for the product and/or service we execute
  • performing quality control through inventorying of the elements of a project
  • monitoring performance after we have delivered a project or performed a service
  • fiduciary management of a client's asset. For example, performing schedule backups and updates of clients websites despite the fact that this is not visible.

We are aware that change is constant. And we expect to evolve and refine our mission statement.